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Smart Auto Stop Start Module, 2018-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Smart Auto Stop Start Module, 2018-2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee


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Grand Cherokee 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Laredo, Upland, and Altitude models require extra installation time and should only be ordered once you have read instructions and are comfortable with installation process.

The SmartStopStart will ship USPS MAIL.

Automatically recalls your preferences for the Automatic Engine Stop Start, ESS, disable feature each time you start the car. All models except Laredo, Upland and Altitude plug in under the driver's seat in about a minute. Laredo, Upland, and Altitude require a significant installation effort, including some minor disassembly in the interior of the vehicle. Please read instructions before purchase. The SmartStopStart DOES NOT disable the Security Gateway Module or require the OBDII port like 'programmer' type products do.

Does this product permanently disable Automatic Engine Stop Start ?
No. This product adds a memory feature to the existing Automatic Engine Stop Start button on the dashboard (the button labeled "A OFF), so that the last selection you make is remembered each time you restart the vehicle.

If you wish to keep the Automatic Engine Stop Start off all of the time, simply press the "A OFF" button once after installation of the module. You can always press it again, from the convenience of the driver seat, any time you want to restore Engine Stop Start.

How hard is installation?
Installation is easy and takes just a few seconds.

What happens if the module is unplugged?
The module can be unplugged at any time. The behavior of the Automatic Engine Stop Start will then revert to factory operation. This means that the Automatic Engine Stop Start will revert back to on after each engine start and can be manually overridden only for one drive cycle. There are NO permanent changes to the vehicle.

Will the product work with the Remote Start option?
Yes, it works with Remote Start.

Will the product cause any vehicle faults?
No, it does NOT cause any vehicle faults, warning messages, warning lights, stored fault codes or warning tones.

​Does this product affect my warranty?
Per the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act, a manufacturer can only deny a warranty claim when an aftermarket component is installed if the dealer or manufacturer can prove that the aftermarket component caused the failure.

Will this product affect the performance or reliability of my vehicle in any way?
We have carefully designed and extensively tested this product on multiple vehicles and have sold thousands of modules. There is no evidence whatsoever it will cause any problems. This product does NOT cause any vehicle fault codes to be set.

View Laredo Upland Altitude Instructions Here

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