Smart Universal XL Lifter

Part Number: MYL-KUX00-01

Smart Universal XL Lifter will lift up to 100 pounds of large, heavy items like cargo carriers, ride-on toys, and paddle sports gear. Includes MyLifter motor, Smart track (set of 2), Power adapter, Lifting frame, and Hardware kit.

Easy to install, lightweight components
Wireless control via smartphone or tablet (compatible with iOS and Android)
Speed control
Automatic lift and lower stopping points
Overload protection: will not lift more than weight capacity
Force feedback: know when you are reaching the weight limit
Hands-free spooling - smooth lifting and lowering
Patented power passthrough technology allows Basic Lifter to daisy chain with other compatible Smart products.

Weight capacity: 100 lbs
Designed ceiling height: 8–13 ft ceilings
Hoist cable diameter: 2.5 mm, length: 23 ft
Voltage: 120V/60Hz, 5 AMPs
Power adapter: 6 ft cord
3 ft DC cable
Compatibility: Apple iOS and Android devices

The installation of this product requires the Smart Track to be screwed into a sturdy wooden stud. Our system is not designed to screw into metal studs, lathe and plaster ceilings, concrete ceilings, or drop ceilings.