F0031 Garage Smart Universal XL HD Lifter

Part Number: F0031

Level up your lifting capacity with the Smart Universal XL HD Lifter. Lift up to 200 pounds of large, heavy items like rooftop tents, kayaks, and canoes. Includes 2 MyLifter Motors, Smart Track (set of 2), 2 Power Adapters, Lifting Frame, and Hardware Kit. Replaces MYL-KUH00-01.

Easy to install, lightweight components
Wireless control via smartphone or tablet (compatible with iOS and Android)
Speed control
Automatic lift and lower stopping points
Overload protection: will not lift more than weight capacity
Force feedback: know when you are reaching the weight limit
Hands-free spooling - smooth lifting and lowering
Patented power passthrough technology allows Basic Lifter to daisy chain with other compatible Smart products.

Weight capacity: 200 lbs
Designed Ceiling Height: 8–13 ft. ceilings
Hoist Cable Diameter: 2.5 mm, Length: 23 ft.
Voltage: 110v AC
Power Adapter: 6 ft. Cord
3 ft. DC cable
Compatibility: Apple iOS and Android Devices

The installation of this product requires the smart track to be screwed into a sturdy wooden stud. Our system is not designed to screw into metal studs, lathe and plaster ceilings, concrete ceilings, or drop ceilings