CURT Swival Style Marine Trailer Jack

Part Number: 28100

Designed to withstand the wear and tear of frequent water exposure, CURT marine jacks are the jack of choice for the avid fisherman or boating enthusiast. CURT marine trailer jacks are equipped with wheels, allowing for greater mobility and easier coupling of your trailer. Choose from models with one or two wheels. Marine jacks also have a heavy-duty pull-pin that allows them to pivot on their mounting bracket to be out of the way for travel. To protect them from corrosion and the damage of moisture, these jacks come with a zinc finish.

It comes with a side-wind handle and all the necessary bolt-on hardware for a complete installation. It does not matter what kind of trailer you tow -- a boat trailer, utility trailer, livestock hauler, or recreational vehicle trailer -- if you have a receiver-style trailer, you will want a jack that complements its function. Side-wind handle easily raises or lowers trailer coupler.

Swivel bracket allows jack to fully swing up and out of the way for travel. Heavy-duty pull-pin keeps jack securely locked in place. 10" of vertical travel accommodate multiple ball heights. Bolt-on hardware included for secure mounting. Protected by a durable zinc-plated finish.