Superchips Flashcal, Jeep, 2020 Gladiator JT

Part Number: 3571-JT

Gladiator JT 2020, Sport, Sport S, Overland, Rubicon

Enjoy seamless functionality to accommodate the lift, suspension, and tires you've installed on your Gladiator. Superchips has loaded the Flashcal PN 3571-JT with the most sought-after features. Configure your Gladiator to review all product features. Be sure to pay close attention to your install guide. The team at Superchips spells out how to install your Flashcal to take advantage of tire size, gear ratio, and more. Enjoy the ride with the Flashcal for JT Gladiator.

Corrects speedometer for tire upgrades between 26- 40"
Speedometer recalibration for gear /axle swaps up to 5.38
Transfer case gear low: 2.72 - 5.00
Sway bar disconnect in 2HI (up to 25 MPH)
Daytime running light options
One touch lane change on/off
Fog light droput on/off
Daytime running light dropout on/off
Daytime running light location - high beam, low beam, turn signal, fog lights, Eurpean/fender lights, none
Auto park on/off* (3.6L JL only, usedas a feature while device is plugged in)
Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes
Internet updateable