Curt Universal Tow Bar with 2" Coupler, 5,000 lbs

Part Number: 19745

The CURT adjustable tow bar offers a convenient way to bring an extra vehicle along on your RV getaways. The adjustable tow bar latches onto your vehicle's bumper or frame using a pair of bumper brackets and then couples to a ball mount on your RV trailer hitch. The vehicle can then be towed behind your RV, allowing you more freedom and mobility once you reach your destination. When towing a vehicle behind your RV, it is essential to have working towing lights just like if you were towing a trailer. CURT magnetic towing lights easily stick to your vehicle and connect to your RV to provide that added measure of safety.

Ideal for dinghy towing a small vehicle behind an RV. Rated for 5,000 lbs. gross towed vehicle weight. Adjusts in width from 26" to 41". Features a 2" heavy-duty coupler
Brackets mount to the frame of the vehicle (trimming may be required)

Includes tow bar, universal frame brackets and mounting hardware