F0042 Garage Smart Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter

Part Number: F0042

The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter is the smartest, safest, Bluetooth-enabled lifter for fifth wheel hitches. Control speed, automatic stopping points, and weight limit in the smartphone app to keep your hitch and anything underneath it safe. The Fifth Wheel Hitch Lifter works with traditional fifth wheel hitches.

  • Easy to install
  • Automatically lifts and lowers your fifth wheel hitch
  • Prevents damage to truck and/or hitch
  • Easily controlled via Bluetooth-enabled device
  •  2 MyLifters
  •  1 Smart Track
  •  2 Power Adapters
  • 1 Lifting Frame
  • 1 Kingpin
  • Two 90 Degree Track Brackets
  • One 3 Foot DC Cable
  • Mounting Hardware